2011, Dee from Australia

I love Jamaica

Mokko, Doret, Shanelle, Shauna, Fari & Coppy

Thank you so much for the experiences and fun times we have shared.

Dorst-Thank you for cooking delicious food for us and for making us feel so welcome in your home. You have all been so beautiful to us and we will most certainly never forget you!

Thank you Mokko for showing us around, your hospitality has been fantastic.  And of course for partying with us.

To the twins-Shauna and Shanelle- Thank you for being so entertaining 🙂 You girls have beautiful spirits and full of life.

Fari-Thank you for being sweet 🙂 and for bringing us coconut, fruit and taking good care of us always.  Never forget you.

Coppy-Thank you for being so lively and keep dancing!

So much love to you all.

We will come back and visit again

Love always,

Dee from Australia

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