Frequently Asked Questions

Q:  What is supplied with the room?

  • You should bring your own towel and washcloth and personal supplies.  Bedding is provided.

Q:  How far is Mokko’s from Morant Bay?

  • It is about a 20 minute drive and route taxi fare is approximately $2 US One way.  Route taxis run both ways from early morning until about 4:30 in the afternoon.

Q:  How do I get from the Kingston airport to Mokko’s?

  • Doing this on public transport is not very easy, unless your have lived in the area.  It seems to constantly change.  Private taxi shuttle works best and Mokko can arrange that for you for approximately $65 US.

Q:  What kind of business district does Sunning Hill have?

  • Sunning Hill has a couple of tuck shops and bars.  There is also Thornton Primary School and Sunning Hill Basic School.

Q:  What is the temperature?

  • You will never need anything more than a sweat shirt and probably not that.

Q:  What type of service does Mokko’s restaurant offer?

  • His “restaurant” is basically for people staying in his cottages.  The setting is a very small family kitchen with food cooked over a wood fire.  Food is generally cooked for breakfast and dinner, with lunch on your own if desired.  Be sure and tell him if you want food when you arrive.

Q:  Is there clean water?

  • In Jamaica, the water from pipe is very safe.  The water sometimes cuts off at a certain time.  As in any foreign country, if you have not spent much time in country, you may consider drinking bottled water which you can find in the community.  The family drinks spring water and from the river.

Q:  Is there sufficient electrical current?

  • The electrical service suffices for basic activity but Jamaican current surges often so charging electrical devices requires good surge protection.  The current can sometimes be cut off unexpectedly as in many third world countries.

Q:  Is there internet?

  • There is internet connection at the school in Sunning Hill.
  • There are internet cafes in Morant Bay for a charge.
  • Morant Bay Library for a smaller charge (don’t go after school because the students use it then.)

Q:  Is there a place to swim?

  • Mokko is on the banks of the Plantain Garden River which sometimes runs fast and sometimes slow.  A short distance up the adjoining river is a small waterfall and very small swimming hole.

Q:  What about insect protection?

  • Some seasons there are mosquitos and some not.  There are other small bugs though and a mosquito net could be more comfortable.  None are available on the property.  CDC Guide to safe travels in Jamaica

Q:  What about guided trips?

  • Mokko can probably take you as a guide anywhere you would like to go.  Make sure you work our the details with him beforehand to everyone’s agreement.  Guide Prices

Q:  What is the best season to visit?

  • Most anytime the weather in Jamaica is good.  Summer is quite hot but Mokko is in the hills so even that is not too bad.
  • Mokko says, “January rain at night, February-lots of rain, March, April spring rain makes everything bloom back, May likke rain fall, June rain and sun, July hot, August, September hot, October, November, December-little rain now and then when moon is full. When the rain fall, give thanks.  If you see stars at night, it gonna be hot.”

Q:  Is there other Rastafarian Communities close by?

  • There are many Rastas of every persuasion, but nothing organized that we are aware of.

Q:  Will I be safe in Sunning Hill?

  • I have always felt safe in Sunning Hill and have no reason to think otherwise.

Q:  Are there any other things I should know?

  • Bring good walking shoes and water shoes might be a plus.