January 2016, Ron and Lia from Netherlands

To Mokko, Doret, Brian and Shanelle,

It was a big surprise we entered a small paradise.  It is a great place and the house as well.  The trip into the jungle was a survival.  The river around and wabure was very peaceful.  We had a great stay here!!  And thank you very much for the hospitality. Mokko is a good cook and the Koffie was delicious.

We wish you good health and perhaps we will meet again.

With love, Ron and Lia from Netherlands

January 25th, 2015, Alain and Sylire from Bordeaux, France

We spend 3 good nights and days with Mokko and his family.  It’s the better way to see and share the true Jamaican life in the middle of the nature.  Forest, river, hill, morning shower and sun make every day nice.

And of course, the excellent meals Mokko cook with all is growing around.

Here, we learn more about nature and way of live!!!

Thanks a lot

Alain and Sylire from Bordeaux, France

January 15th, 2015, Tony from Guadeloupe (French West Indies)

Blessed by my stay here at Mokko.  I give thanks, everything perfect.  And I won’t forget this welcoming family this wonderful kitchen, this nature so blessed by the hand of Mother Earth.

Guadeloupe and Jamaica islands same positive vibration.

I have a dream that more people of my French Caribbean island will come here and realize how people organize themselves to go forward in an independent island.

Tony from Guadeloupe (French West Indies)

January, 2015, One Love/Angelica from Sweden

Dear Everyone,

As I am writing this, the stereo is blasting, chicken is frying, Rati/Brian is dancing, dogs are chilling and girls are hollering, just another moment here at Riverside Cool Cottages.  I’ve had a great time here, it’s been a beautiful start to my trip and I hope to revisit this spot for sure.  Thanks to Pancer and Ras Kitchen for setting it up.


One Love/Angelica from Sweden

30/12/14, Margit from Ibiza, Spain

I came all the way from Ibiza to Jamaica, island hopping and got to know Mokko and his nice family (and dogs…) …and had a fantastic time, swimming in the river, getting a massage in the hot springs, eating real Jamaican soul food, drinking tea, coffee, hot chocolate, and sleeping with bird’s music.  Wonderful!  And not to forget playing and having fun with Brian!


Margit from Ibiza, Spain

May 12/14, Mighty Mike Ras Kitchen New Yard Crew!!!

To Mokko and the family at Riverside Cool Cabins,

Thank you so much for your continued hospitality towards Matt, Matt and myself.  Making this show has been one of the most unique and special moments of my life.  To experience the country with Mokko as our guide, it was an unforgettable journey.

Mighty Mike Ras Kitchen New Yard Crew!!!